Inspired To Lead By Vision, Purpose And Impact.

About Us



                                       ABOUT US

ISPY2INSPIRE initiative is a private community membership curated for women ,to mentor, educate and empower them as future leaders, global ambassadors & entrepreneurs.

ISPY2INSPIRE community was founded in May 2018 for women to connect, network, learn and impact. The initiative is a unique platform for women in creative industry , entrepreneurs , leaders and mentors. Curated with the motive of empowering young Women & Girls to take a stand , influence,  lead and make a difference within their chosen industry. Enabling them to aspire to inspire, using their voices and platforms to nurture, educate, raise, create and impact, through leadership, an Ambassador for change and a voice to be heard.

“Be the Star that shines through from within...Be the light that brightens..Leave a footprint and sprinkles of diamonds wherever you go....”ISPY2INSPIRE "

                                          Who We Are

We are a global inspirational community with a difference for women in leadership, who aspire to inspire ,dare to dream, be able to visualise it, build and create an impact. Driven by purpose and vision, to empower, nurture, transform , motivate, educate,  inspire and mentor others. We encourage individuals to use our hubs to share their stories, their growth, their failures, their challenges and their height of achievements to inspire and encourage others through their journey. We believe that everyone has the potential to unlock the greatness within themselves if they dare to believe and dream big.


                                     Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate , empower and build the next future generations of women in leadership, to create influence and impact.

We believe that your story is incredibly powerful, unique and special. Every great success story starts with a mentor who inspired an individual directly or indirectly by unlocking one’s potential through creativity , development and supportive network system to achieve greatness. By acknowledging how powerful and vital mentoring is, we are able to provide a platform that will focus on delivering mentorship and creative networking programme through nurturing and education.

Why You Should Join Us

  • An Empowering network community for leadership,creativity and entrepreneurship mindsets

  • Providing inspiration for business and personal advancement

  • Creative networking ,learning and Participation

  • Development, Mentorship, Retreats and Support 

  • Learning and engagement would be central to what we do

    • Service to others

    • To give back

    • To create opportunities for the younger generation

    • To inspire others through mentorship

    • A consistent aim to introduce women of all ages and background to the power of being relevant in engaging and accessible ways.

Inspire, Influence & Impact.